EVA Group Life

The professional development of our employees is essential at EVA Group.
This is why we strive to maintain a sense of belonging in society through various activities,
both professional and outside the workplace.

Digital monitoring

Sessions called “I say Watch” are organised in our offices during which presentations of news and trends are made by key players in the IT market.
In addition, our consultants also have the opportunity to present feedback of their projects to all employees.

Sporting values

Promote our values through sport: the taste of challenge, team spirit and fighting spirit.
Maintaining team cohesion through sport is paramount at EVA Group.
As a consequence, a number of sports activities are organised throughout the year at the initiative of our employees:


Internal Social Network

Thanks to Yammer, we maintain a close relationship among our employees.
It is a place of exchange and mutual aid in which all employees have the opportunity to share updates, knowledge, feedback and any information that may be of interest to the EVA community.