• HR interview

    Dialogue with one of our recruitment officers.

    An opportunity for the candidate to present his/her career, his/her desires for development as well as his/her professional project, but especially to assess the common vision and values between EVA Group and the consultant.

  • skills assessment interview

    Technical meeting with a leading expert for the assigned division.

  • Director-level interview

    Final interview with a Director or one of the Associates.


EVA Group is committed to actions intended to promote its employees’ advancement, and to improve both their work environment and the balance between their personal and professional lives.

The quality of life at work for EVA Group is:

  • A career management policy from the moment of the employees’ arrival
  • A mutual commitment to objectives and perspectives for developments
  • Measures to ensure a framework for working in coherence with events organised outside work for our employees.

It is also a regular support and follow-up with:

  • A Client Account Manager
  • The Manager
  • Human Resources Department



Upon your arrival, you will be accompanied by:
- a ``buddy`` in charge of guiding you in your first steps at EVA Group
- an HR Manager who will follow-up with you on your professional development.


Career path

Each employee will build, in line with his aspirations and his skills, his career path and milestones with his HR Manager.



Training is a priority for EVA Group. We have implement concrete support measures: a corporate social network, an e-learning platform with privileged access to our partner Learneo services and labs, financial coverage for exams fees and certifications.



At any time, employees have the opportunity to tell us about their desire for mobility.
Many of them have already tried the experiment in France and abroad.
EVA Group offers many opportunities for international expansion: temporary assignments abroad or expatriation.


The recognised legitimacy of EVA Group rests primarily on the expertise of its consultants.

We thus propose a programme of technical and operational certifications aligned with our expectations in respect of the consultants course and their career interests.

In this regard, we have set up a partnership with Learneo, a training centre specialising in IT.

Our consultants benefit from real support on a wide range of expertise.

Qualification of training/certifications is carried out with the Manager and the Technical Department.

The professional development of our employees is essential at EVA Group. This is why we strive to maintain a sense of belonging in society through various activities, both professional and outside the workplace.